22 November 2011

5 Regrets

I would totally change some stuff. 

People say they wouldn't. I don't believe that. I mean, I definitely think that everything happens for a reason and exactly the way it is supposed to. That's what molds us into who we are today. What I mean is - looking back, if you had known then what you know now, how would it have changed your choices at the time? 

A friend of mine asked me this question recently as we were attending a high school sporting event, and we just looked around us, at the life that is high school. I know for me, it seemed like the end-all, be-all. Like you just couldn't think past the upcoming weekend. Couldn't imagine life past 18 ... or 21. 

I don't have many regrets. I had fun in high school. I liked everyone. No major drama. No significant unhappiness.
But I do have a handful of things I would change ...

I would've had the nerve to talk to, flirt with and be myself around any guy I wanted. I would not have let a crush on someone allow me to act like a different person.
At 16, boys seemed so mysterious. I analyzed every little thing. Turns out, usually what they say is what they mean, huh? Psh! If I could go back, I would've just had fun with it. Lived for the moment. Funny thing is, when I met my husband, I was not interested in him - or any guy really. I was so over the whole dating drama. So, since I wasn't interested, I had nothing to lose. I acted like myself. Now I'm the Misses.

I would not have continued a relationship with a high school boyfriend when I went away for college.
At the time, he was everything I thought I wanted. But looking back now, I would give anything to go back and be single and just live life. There is no other time in life like college, and I feel like part of mine was lost because I was in a relationship. 

I would have taken better care of my diabetes. 
In middle and high school, diabetes was just this leech that just came with the territory. I just ignored it as much as possible. While I never really neglected it, I'm a lot more aware and careful about it now. I look back at the blood sugars that I had on the regular that I thought were acceptable and just cringe at the damage I must've done to my organs that may or may not still be haunting me today.
I would have never ever smoked the first cigarette. 
Stupid! Stupid! Stupid of me. Bad habit and hard to break. 
Thank you Anj!

I would have spent more, real, quality time with my cousins while I was babysitting them. 
At the risk of sounding SO OLD ... they grew up so fast! How did it happen? I wish I would have read to them more, made crafts with them, taught them things, been more patient. Makes me sad to think of it now. I hope to make it up one day with my own kids ... and with the younger cousins I have now, although I don't see them as often as I wish I could.

That's pretty much it. I don't regret anything else.

And I like to think that I've learned something from each of these regrets.

What about y'all? 
If you could go back, what would the older, wiser you have done differently?


Ashley said...

such an interesting post! the only regret i have in life is not going out on a limb to tell a guy how much i loved him....and now he's gone ;( but at least we won't make these mistakes again right?

hope you had a great weekend friend!


Amber said...

Especially in high school - I wish I had all the memories of "us" stored away somewhere in a little box! I'm afraid we will start forgetting more than we have already. We made some great ones didn't we? We still have THE NOTEBOOKS! I would also dump my boyfriend (ugh hum...X-husband) before going to Senior Week ;) XOXO