27 November 2011

Never never never never never give up.

1) We SHUT OUT Carolina (UNC)
2) We lose to BOSTON COLLEGE (no offense shugs)
3) We BEAT Clemson - pretty bad (say what?!?) (totally because I dreamed it)

back and forth.
back and forth.


So, natch, even though we shoulda whooped Maryland, somethin propa-like, this was the score at half time:


We were gettin our tails KICKED majahly!

But - we didn't lose. We came back with FORTY-ONE UNANSWERED POINTS.


I am so proud of my boys.

Never never never never never give up. 

You just never know.

I love that our QB, Glennon did such an amazing job. A huge part of the BIGGEST COMEBACK IN SCHOOL HISTORY. So many had so many negative things to say about Coach Tom O'brien deciding to start Glennon and part ways with Russell Wilson, who was looking to transfer to Wisconsin. I wholeheartedly supported O'brien. Russell Wilson left. Tom did the right thing by giving Glennon 100% of his support and taking the team in a new direction.

In your face.



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