21 February 2012

because I felt like it, that's why

Warning - this is fittin to be a brain dump for realz. I have some sort of issue where I have to just list things out - whether or not there is a purpose, or I accomplish anything tangible from listing things out ... is irrelevant.

* I love this here blog. I started it as a way to get out some creative shiz that crowds my brain and keeps me from fallin asleep at night. I look over and within literally 7 or 8 minutes of layin down, Anj is out cold. Meanwhile, my mind is goin 800 miles a minute with random thoughts that have no point. Also, I love photographs and shiz that's not really photographs, like smart ass someecards that are just funny and that is all. To me, the bloggage is like an online scrapbook minus all the expensive shit that I will throw away or waste years later (hello wedding scraps).

* I am trying to drink less caffeine. It sucks major. I can think of several things in this world that I would prefer to give up. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks. I can't do my job without it. How do people live that way?

* I thought I would seriously have a heart attack today when I realized that the HR department for my company had EFFED UP YET ANOTHER ASPECT OF MY HEALTHCARE. Fine. Don't you worry. I will be out of your hair soon, idiots. (That is strictly directed to HR, just to be clear).

* Not only are some bitches crazy, but what's really whack, is that girls will act craziER for the sake of their friends, even if they themselves do not actually want to be a psycho beezy. I once knew a chick in college who thrived on girl drama. Not just hers. But other people's lives that ain't have NATHAN to do with her. She would expect you to act like a cray cray lunatic to some girl she didn't like simply because you were friends with her. "Just wanted to make sure you were being a girl." WTF DOES THAT MEAN?

* I think red-headed babies are awesome. Having one must be like finding a four leaf clover, right? I mean, you can know the sex, but you don't know about the hair until shugpie is IRL.

* My hubs is about to take a mayjahly long flight across THE WORLD. Jacks my nerves up. Last year, he was mid-travel for this same trip over his birthday. This year, the trip will occur over his birthday AGAIN. He flies out tomorrow. Please pray about this. Between the HR mishap, this long (distance and time apart) trip and damn NC State basketball, I need some medication for ma nerves.

* My endocrinologist told me to bolus (take insulin) 30 minutes ahead of eating. This is mildly problematic for me because I am hungry when I'm hungry and I want to eat RIGHT THEN. So, what I started doing, is bolusing for 30 grams of carbs when I am juuuust starting to think of food, then, I decide how I want to "spend" the 30 grams of carbs 30 minutes later. (Sometimes I only make it to like 15 or 20 minutes, but it's better than nothin, right?) Tonight's 30g were spent on: a hotdog weenie with chili, cheese and mustard, some salt & vinegar chips and half a banana.

* I am trying (still, at age 28) to stop biting my nails. It sucks. They have like 2mm of length on them right now, and I swear I constantly fight the urge to draw blood from my own flesh because the feel of them being there is making me nutso.

* I enjoy writing with freshly sharpened, nearly full length #2 pencils. I also enjoy the way they smell. I will write out lists in my best handwriting using no abbreviations so that I can use said pencils.

* I think my job is giving me ADD. I ALWAYS feel like something is past due/not turned in/forgotten/I'm about to get yelled at. (Although I have never actually ever been yelled at while at work ... this is just how my brain is. Did I mention I'm trying to cut back on caffeine? But cutting back on caffeine makes my brain more sludgy. Trapped.)

* When watching Pretty Little Liars, I can't stop thinking about this: IRL, what time would a high school chick have to get up to curl her hair and put on all that makeup everyday? And, who gets to just walk around with coffee and have like 20 minutes between every class? I know it's TV, but like I said, it's how my brain works. I wish it had an "off" switch.

* I don't give a damn about snow. Well, I like it, but not much. This pretty much sums it up, sadly.


*As I type, Brody is outside my bedroom door, which is not pushed shut far enough to actually latch ... he keeps nudging it about every two minutes, draggin his paws up against it, and then breathing heavily under the door ... the door opens more and more with each nudge.


And tomorrow is Wednesday.



Miss Lizzie said...

I'm with ya. I don't know how to make it through a day now without caffeine. But all of my teeth problems lately are discouraging me from ever drinking soda or eating sugar again.

Let me know how it goes :-)

Katie said...

-I definitely am going to have to borrow that first pic- classic

-And pertaining to * number 4, without naming names, do you happen to be speaking of a certain nightgown wearing roomie of mine? And perhaps her sidekick down the hall? (your neighbor?) I know I got sucked into the 'bourough' drama sometimes too, but I hope I wasn't too bad. Def not a good decision to room with someone from my high school. Esp that crazy bi-atch.

-Where's Andrew headed off to?

-Wow your diet just gets more and more complicated, it really sucks you have to deal with all that. But you really handle it well,and with such grace :)

-I was not aware of your love for pencils- I personally am a pen girl all the way

-PPL- Oh, how about how some of them are at school while others are out gallivanting around chasing A or whatever other drama they are currently involved in. I totally got into this show from the get-go, saw the previews and thought it looked 'interesting' I was pretty embarrassed at first, didn't want to tell anyone I watched it, still kinda am- but you helped ease the embarrassment a just a little. So if you have any questions...

And didn't you totally make fun of this show in a blog way back?

-HA might have to steal that pic too

And yes, I totally took notes while reading this blog :)