07 March 2012

Random fluff from my brain

... after all, this is really why you read my blog, right?

1) wtf

2) today was straight from heshizzle

3) follow directions!

4) i STILL have not bitten off my nails. as in - this is the longest they have EVER been.

5) i have a steak n shake date with my husband on friday. i am excited. a lot.

6) the apple don't fall far. this i have learned.

7) it gets on my nerves when people who don't do my job tell me HOW to do my job. especially since it is INEFFECTIVE. AND THEY MAKE MORE MONEY THAN ME.

8) tomorrow i am eating hashbrowns for breakfast (and some eggs n sausage), and hell, i may even order an extra side order of hashbrowns, because they been gettin stingy with them shizzes.

9) today i learned that synthetic oil costs more than cr a lot of other stuff. but i don't have to get my oil changed as often. thanks very much. seriously. mean it.

10) the full moon makes people cray. i don't care what anybody says.

11) i'm too tired to eat. write that shiz down.

12) today i saw a pic of my husband shirtless on stage with some fire breathin peeps in singapore. true story.



1 comment:

Amber said...

So according to said photo, maybe you should have sent anj over there with his bachelor party tee? Lol - please explain in detail soon.