01 April 2012

Davis Store, some chili, & farm house dreams ...

Hello shugpies. Yep, I already posted today, but that was just because that dog/cat diary thing was so friggin funny, I couldn't help maself.

Sooo, here I am again! Lucky you! Hope y'all had a magical weekend. Ours was full of  rain, nappin and eatin. My favorites. Saturday morning, we went to the store (you can read more about the family legacy here) ... they are doing a TV series called Banshee and they are using the store and the surrounding buildings as part of the set. It's all still in the early stages, but I snapped a pic of them transforming the shed:


Overall, life at the store is goin on as normal:


My father-in-law found a ledger from 1948 - his Aunt Mary was the one who kept it up. Her handwriting was so perfect. Interesting to see a bunch of the names in the there, of families who still live nearby, and of businesses that have since closed down. Lots of the merchandise was bought on "cotton credit".  Sweet Eddie and Jimmy were tellin us that back in the day, when Anj's great Uncle Wash ran the store, (now my FIL runs it) things would be priced for "buy today" (cheaper) or "fall price" (credit pending your crop coming in). They were sayin that Uncle Wash would check with people and see how their crops were doin. Makes my heart smile that there was ever a time when you could sell stuff based on trust.


In other exciting Davis Store news ... Silas (FIL) now carries Blenheim Ginger Ale ... even diet! Mmmm. Very gingery!


So, we napped, and then, Anj made some more bomb diggity chili - get out of here with that mess, shug! Sooooo good!!! (PS - I been usin plain yogurt in place of sour cream to be a smiiiiidge healthier - I recommend!!)


Sunday, hubs and I went on a little drive down some back roads. Tons of gorgeous old farmhouses. (And some scurry no-shirt, gold chain, Willie Nelson hair, cigarette smokin on the front porch shugpies.) Anyway - my dream is to one day own an old, Southern farm house. You know - like on The Notebook, or the Whiskey Lullaby video. Doesn't have to be massive. But I want it to be fixer-upperish. And I want my kids to be able to go outside and play and me not have to worry myself sick about them gettin hit by a car. I want them to have enough room where I have to YELLLLL at them to tell them supper's ready, or that they need to get home because we have to go uptown to the store. (Just like my mama did). And I won't have to worry too much about em because the dog will be with them. Yep, that's my dream. Everybody cross your fingers, mmmk?

Please check out my Pinterest board for a collection of houses/features of houses that I'm in love with if you feel so inclined.

I am OBSESSED with houses that have the side entrance/attached car shelter. I mean OBSESSED. I am in love. I must find a way to recreate/fake this on a house one day if I can't find a house with one. This house below is WAY TOO BIG, but I just wanted to show y'all ma little side entrance/car shelter obsession. So, yep, there she is. Just gorgeous!

Speakin of wishin and dreamin ...

found this today on our walk to get some ice cream. ;)


I always save them with the date they were found. :D

Have a glorious week, shugs!


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Tracy said...

What prompted the sale of the ginger ale?