05 April 2012

It's Ok ...

 Hello Sugar Pies! Linking up today ... 

Its Ok Thursdays

* For our 3 year anniversary, Anj and I skipped the fancy dinner and instead went to Bad Daddy's for delicious fatty pie burgers and bomb ass tater tots with awesome dipping sauce and gluten free beer. (It's also okay that we used the timer on our camera to take too many pictures. So patient, the hubs.)



* I have 3 weeks off from work, and so far have done very little involving leaving my house.

* I drink a lot of Caffeine Free Diet Mt. Dew - at least I'm not cheating on my anti-caffeine mission.

* We had chili for like 6 lunches/suppers in a row. Shit is good.

* To tie a Walmart bag around your hair to avoid messin your hair up in the pourin down rain. (Not me, but some fine ladies there were doing just that.)

* To wear the hubs' Hanes V-neck white T-shirts ... hello, Pinterest:

(I was at Walmart stockin up on more)

* To be thinkin about what I want for the bday (in July...)


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Ashley said...

aww i love that you went somewhere fun for your anniversary!! and i think its adorable you wear your hubs v-necks ;)