12 April 2012

photo dump

1. Manpower needed to move the camper shell from one truck to another // we bought a new mattress!
2. Gluten-free livin = peanut butter & jelly rice cake
3. LL Beans (pre-chewed by BrAdy - not BrOdy - good story if you haven't read it yet) and a seriously altered Randarita (more details below).
4. Love ranch.

1. Mr. Wuf
2. Supa Tasty
3. True Story - my SIL had this made for her hubs' truck
4. Mmm. Hot chocolate with LOTS of whipped cream

1. brew
2. geese at the store
3. anniversary flowers
4. dilated eye via diabetic eye exam

1. velodrome
2. Charlotte
3. alteration of Miranda Lambert's Randarita (I used regular Crystal Light Lemonade instead of Raspberry)
4. too cold outside for plants all of a sudden :(

Tha's all for now ...


two birds said...

randarita? i have never heard of that....but i might need to try it!

Mrs. Monologues said...

Love it. Now I need wine, coco and my slippers. Love all the pictures. Also, I LOVE RANCH DRESSING!

The Pink Growl said...

I love that pic of your eye - so pretty!

Katie said...

#4 on the first set- that took mad skills

Love your wolf and how you strapped him in, ever heard the country expression "if its yellow let it mellow, if its brown FLUSH it down" that license plate reminded me of it ha

Emmett Katherine said...

Awwww geese :) Lolat the ranch dressing pic!!!