12 October 2012

My Gnarly Surgery Scar says, "Have a Super Day!"

Sooo, this is gross, kinda, and I don't usually post even remotely gross stuff on the bloggy. But it made me laugh until I was cryin/squeakin/gyratin/snortin, so I'm postin about it. It's really not THAT gross, but if you have a pooh stomach, maybe look at it not super close to a meal time?

That's it. You were warned. Don't keep on readin and then leave some comment about how gross I am because YOU ARE CHOOSING TO KEEP READING. 

Alright ...

Last night upon observing the gnarltastic bruise I got accompanying my incision, I decided that I should share with the fam.

Mama was like: gross
Younger brother Eric was like: haha
Baby brother Mack {shown below} was like: moo. it looks like it's gonna talk!

I'm thinkin, what the hell is wrong with Mack?
But, then I see it! Not a cow, but a magical spotted bear!
And I laughed and laughed and laughed.
Which was causing me pain, so I just firmly held my hand against my guts and laughed some more.

Then I texted it to some other peeps who'd had a bad day, and made them laugh too. Then they showed their husbands. And their husbands laughed.

So, friends, here is my sicktastic scar with mayjah bruisin ... shaped like a widdle bear face, who's sayin, "Hey there, Shug! Cheer up!"


The black part at the top is my pants. This is taken from my point of view, lookin down at my boley holey.

The two lil dots that make the eyes are where some kinda probes were.
The "top" of the incision in the picture (which is really the bottom), is the nose.
And, of course, the boley holey itself is the mouth, which is duh, smiling.

The other two scars are not shown, as so far, they are making no effort to look like an awesome animal figure.

Happy Friday, and happy weekending peeps!

Shug in Boots & Scar Bear


Tracy said...

Still gross.

noizii said...

u r awesome