08 November 2012

another example of too much gov't involvement

I IN NO WAY intend to make light of what people suffered in Nazi Germany. 
I DO NOT think there is ANYTHING remotely funny about that.  
Hitler was one sick sonofabitch and may he burn.

With that said, I did not make this video, and I did not choose the people in it.
But - I am choosing to show it because if you are a teacher, especially a teacher who is responsible for test scores, you can relate to the dialogue very well.This video pretty much tells the story of a teacher's very important relationship with some damn test scores.
The far-removed-never-been-responsible-for-teaching-kids-a-day-in-my-life-or-even-been-in-a-school-since-1959 politicians who are coming up with these "solutions" are a joke.

Thankfully, I never worked for anyone this whack, but I definitely have friends who did and still do.

Testing is everything!!
And even if your principal doesn't personally think so, his or her boss is riding their ass so they will ride their teachers' asses.
Social studies? Pshh.
The arts? Pshh.
Writing? Please.
The child is going through a divorce at home?
Daddy has just been deployed?
Grandma died?
The student didn't have supper last night or breakfast this morning?
Who cares!?! Better meet those goals!!
As long as you can do math, read, and bullshit your way through a science test, then whoooooo cares if you know nothing about history or the government or anything going on around you??
Not my personal opinion, and not the opinion of my previous employer, THANK GOD, but sadly, it is the message the government is sending with their adding on more and more pressure and shit for teachers to do while taking NOTHING off of their plates.

Remember the kids?
Is this thing on? 

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Lauren Crawford said...

How true is this!!