16 February 2013


Me & the meemaw, Haze, went junkin' earlier this week and I found these lil fellas - $1.75 for the pair.

 photo untitled-1-7_zps27a45fe4.jpg

I have been searching for some smaller "creatures" that I like - deer, owls, etc. that I could spray paint white to go with my winter mantel, so I was supa excited to find these shugpies.

I just sprayed about three coats, and let em dry outside for several hours, then they were dry enough to bring in.

 photo untitled-2-1_zps10dc2061.jpg

Easy and cheap.
You know how I luh dat!

And I love how they look on the mantel!

 photo untitled-6-1_zps4405892d.jpg

 photo untitled-7-1_zpseb180344.jpg

 photo untitled-8-1_zps5786d1ab.jpg

What treasures have you found lately?
Happy thrifting, shugs!


acornmanphotography said...

Picture frames for $1 to hang up B&W photos of my grandparents wedding:)

Meredith said...

I have a mild obsession with owls, if you ever get tired of those adorable things I'll gladly take them off your hands.

Aleshea said...

Very cute

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Love 'em. They look great up there.

Abigaylemae said...

Adorable...absolutely love them! I've developed a penchant for those old gold filagree (is that what you call them?) picture frames and spraying them...Awesome that you found these with your Meemaw too :O)

Suze said...

Those owls are great!! Spray paint is amazing. Also, intimidating.

Emmett Katherine said...

Seriously love! Spray painting them white makes them look even better. Great find. Also I like the term junkin. I might have to use it. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Love them!

Katie said...

I lOVE that! what a great find and love the white!

Christa @ Significance or Nothing said...

I LOVE those owls! I actually have one on my nightstand that I accidentally broke. I need to figure out how to fix him or find a new one soon!