10 January 2014


This shugpie was home today, and I enjoyed some happies in the form of

After watching, I felt an urge to go play with makeup in my jammies that I'm still wearing at 3 pm. 

I do dearly love me some mascara.
That laundry, not so much. 
However, I did do am in the process of doing two loads, one of which is the sheets on our bed, which means I have to put them back on, which I think should count as a bonus laundry effort.

// some Reese's from the giant container of sweets we still have from Christmas
// some free {today's the last day!!} ebooks from Beth Moore

// lunch with the hubs. We had some tuna salad with bacon and cheese on toast, sliced apples, and some gluten free pretzel sticks. Then Anj remembered this delicious salted caramel we had left over from this Southern Living Salted Caramel-Chocolate Pecan Pie recipe, and we started to dunk the pretzel sticks and apples into that, and let me tell you friends, healthy food tastes better dunked in homemade salted caramel. YOLO.

// decided I'm sick of our bed. I think I'm going to go up and add more pillows, or change the way I make it in the morning or something. Is this weird? Do you ever do anything to switch up the look of your bed outside of going out and buying all new bed linens?

Have a magical weekend, lovelies!


Aleshea said...

Nom, nom, nom to the recess and yes ma'am to the make up

Emmett Katherine said...

that eye make-up looks good, come do mine? I'm so lazy, black eyeliner is about all I can handle!!

I am SO with you on the bed situation, maybe we are just weirdos? I really want to switch my bed (well the frame) to something vintage and metal. Post pics of your bed make-over when it's cuz we all know it'll be fab & give us lots of ideas!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I do get sick of furniture and have to rearrange things on it. Maybe change up your pillow cases? Like take a set from another set and sub them in?