02 February 2012

25. Yall know I love me a list.

1) I've had two serious relationships in my life. Both guys had the same name. Thankfully, the first one went by a nickname. I married the second.

2) If you need money from the government, then yo ass needs a drug test.

3) I was born on Independence Day. I was tricked into believing the fireworks were all for me until about age 9 or so.

4) I hate politics.

5) There is something in Nyquil that makes me sweat. (Is this normal for everyone? I don't have a fever ... ???)

6) I can make a noise that sounds just like a horse galloping.

7) People ask me fairly frequently to use my voice to get everyone in the room to shut up so they can speak.

8) I think people not disciplining their kids is a much bigger problem than who is in office. (See #4).

9) I have several nicknames such as Beef, Pookie, Bertha, and Shug (shocker, I know).

10) I've been Type 1 diabetic since I was 5.

11) I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was little. Now, I wear jeans about 99% of the time.

12) I'd rather have a gift certificate to the flea market than the mall any day.

13) Diet Coke is much better than Diet Pepsi. But Diet Mt. Dew is a magic all its own.

14) I have a scar where I got my belly button pierced and it got mayjahly infected.

15) I cuss like a sailor, but feel guilty and am (kind of) trying to work on it.

16) I love the NC Stizzle Wolfpack and plan to give away any baby blue items that people may give us if we ever have a boy.

17) I don't love cats. They remind me of this girl I went to high school with who always came up to people and rubbed them on the arm as she greeted them and sort of cuddled up next to them while wearing a tiny skirt and knee boots.

18) I wish we lived in an old farmhouse in the promised land, aka ???

19) I'm really not this conceited, I just like writing lists.

20) I spend too much time wondering if something I did or said came across the wrong way, which is ironic because I blog.

21) I crave french fries/hash browns/tater tots daily. It never goes away. This is a problem.

22) If I could alter one thing about my appearance, I'd have long, thick, gorgeous hair.

23) The characteristic I despise most in people is fake-ass-ness.

24) I eat foods as an excuse to use a dipping sauce such as ranch, Chicfila sauce and McDonald's BBQ sauce.

25) I once won a bicycle at the fair in my hometown and some crazy bitches thought my meemaw rigged the drawing because she was helping run a booth that year.

Pardon any proofing errors - blame it on the Nyquil.



1 comment:

Amber said...

We should discuss this list in further detail in person. Makes me really miss you! In response to #11 - did you have the Barbie design studio? LOVED that thing!

I know who #17 is- i describe cats in this same way. Hence my hatred for cats.

And - Nyquil makes me sweaty and jittery.

Hope you feel better! XOXO