25 February 2012

Happy Birthday Anj!

Hello friends! Guess what?

Today is dear hubs' birfday. (Actually, it's not on the 25th, but the 26th. But, it is the 26th where he is right now. Yep. Think about that one. Weird, huh?)


Soooo ... I thought I would do something special (and embarrassing) for him here on the bloggage. Especially since he insists that all my endearing comments, photos and gestures (not to be confused with guesstures) are for the sole purpose of humiliating him, anyway.


So, here it is ...

Dearest Anjpie Davis,

Here is a list that just barely skims the BOJILLIONS of reasons why I am head. over. heels. in. love. with. you.

1) you always wear slippers - usually with socks


2) you laugh at my jokes/snarky comments

3) you have conversations with people who are unbeknownst to me ... in your sleep, complete with eyebrow raises, hand movements and laughs

4) you are a cursing, violent, scary, over-the-top, passionate sports watcher, especially when watching the Pack ... I typically only watch when State plays, but I ALWAYS love to watch you watching whoever ... and God knows YOU WILL watch EVERY team because you. need. to. know!



4a) we share a mutual hatred for carolina and everything that they think they are

5) you eat granola with honey and milk every. single. weekday. for breakfast (eggs and bacon are a part of your world on the weekends or holidays)

6) i love you in your PRADA reading glasses as you drink your tasty sometimes skunk-smelling brewed beverage


7) you wanted to keep your wisdom teeth after they had been ripped from the sockets (i kept my last one too)

8) oftentimes, you say, "how bout that?" after discovering something interesting

9) you obsessively brush and floss your teeth

10) you drink adult beverages from a proper low ball glass ... but only on Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays

11) you remind me how terrible my Diet Coke habit is ... but you will still bring me some from the store if I (nicely) ask you to

12) you love tailgating as much as I do, including getting out there at 7:30 am in 40 degree weather (which to us, is cold)


13) you build magical fires for us in the wintertime

14) to you, nothing could be greater than a small apple, straight from the fridge (not me, hurts my teeth) with peanut butter

15) you encourage and support me - always ... my blog, my love of photography, my creative ideas/daydreams, and tell me that I'm doing a great job taking care of my diabetes

16) you take great care in overseeing our finances. (because I loathe it) it feels great to be part of a team and know that you care about our future. :)  (and that app is the shiz)


17) you prefer to drink any warm beverage out of the awesome vintage NC Stizzle coffee cups (thanks Ber ... we love them dearly)


18) you smell good ... especially when wearing white t-shirts

19) you make us BOMB diggity chili

20) and beef bourguignon

21) and omelets (hey, you knew right off the bat how much I love to eat ... thanks for working two jobs in college to help support our my two meals per night habit ;) )

22) you listen to indie rock on Sirius

23) you use words in real conversation that most people use to jazz up term papers (confession: sometimes I pretend I don't know what words mean just so you will say, "What?! You don't know what ---- means?!" hehehehe)

24) you enjoy using Excel (bleck!)

25) you like taking me to the fair and rodeos and festivals (most of the time)

26) you bought me business card paper for Christmas so I could make business cards for my blog

27) you love Brody because I love Brody

28) you are optimistic 99.9999% of the time, and remind me of all we have to be thankful for when I am in a yuck mood

29) you like to try fun new restaurants (we should go eat German again soon .... yummmm)

30) we have the same sense of humor and can laugh at something simple, alone on our couch, for a good 15 minutes

31) you mute the TV when that annoying "silent treatment" AT&T commercial comes on ... or the Lowe's newlywed couple "Uh, yeah we do!" comes on  ... stab me

32) you always put peanut M&M's in my Christmas stocking

33) totes.

34) you picked out Bomb Arse yarn and knitting needles for me for Christmas (don't know if I coulda picked em that good)

35) you keep handy lists of things on small notepads

36) you are so smart, and many of our magical discussions have evolved from how you often start sentences with "Today, I was reading this article ..."


37) you laugh really, really loud when you watch Tosh.O


38) we both love 30 Rock


39) you stand up to watch TV because if you sit down, you will fall asleep (actually, I am typing this as I sit riiight beside you on the couch sleeping, ... no clue.)

40) I love our "system" ... you holler at the TV when State's playin, and I finish your inappropriate comment/explicative/angry outburst with "... Bitch!"

41) you think I am a hottie and tell me so (not exactly in these words)

42) you blow your nose with a handkerchief like only a real ballah would


43) garden fresh veggies. yumm-ay! I am starting to realize that your ability and desire to provide me with food is showing up quite frequently in this list of reasons why you are so amazing.


44) the apron. meat cutting. yes, please.


45) You have ALWAYS taken my feelings and opinion into consideration before making decisions and I've never had to wonder where I am on your priority list.

46) I can honestly say that every time we're together, it's just as fun and magical as it was when we first met - and even more snuggly feeling because now we are both Davises (and you KNOW the hades I went through to make that happen). ;)

47) You are my soulmate (kinda uncanny, really): dressing alike in the same house, but not knowing until after the fact, sharing the norovirus - including vomiting together every 30 minutes (sorry folks for the TMI), and then having "jinx" conversations about it almost two years later, having people constantly tell us we look like brother and sister (eww), etc.

48) Not only did you make me my fave Valentine's dinner, but you made sure the noodles were gluten free.

49) You went to Bilo first thing to get me some Decaf coffee even though I know you didn't want to.

50) You are always willing to help me however I need you to. I never feel alone in any endeavor and you have been the most amazing husband that I never, ever dreamed I'd be blessed to have.

Happy Birthday, Shugpie!

I love you so much and thank God for you every single day and STILL wonder what I ever did to be so blessed.


Sorry if my posting this to your facebook embarrassed you. You will get over it. Besides, wives have been known to do worse. ;)


Jamie said...

This is so sweet!

Ashley said...

look how many reasons you love him! this is so sweet! happy birthday to him!

Taylor Morgan said...

Hey! Just read your comment on my blog about a jump rope. We bought a cheaper one from Target. I think it was around $15-20 dollars. It works well :) hope you had a great weekend!

Tracy said...

This is just precious!